District 26 Annual Conference


Whether you are a new Toastmaster or if you’ve been around for a while, we can use your help with planning and organizing the District 26 Annual Conference.  Your ideas and skills are needed now and during the conference to make it a wonderful event for all members. When you help as a Conference Committee Chair, you can get credit for completing one of the following Pathways projects.  Look ahead in your path and see which project is available to you and help you to achieve your goals.

    • Develop a Communication Plan (L3)
    • Develop Your Vision (L5)
    • Successful Collaboration (L3)
    • Lessons Learned (L5)
    • Manage Projects Successfully (L4)
    • High-Performance Leadership (L5)
    • Leading Your Team (L4)
    • Manage Successful Events (L5)
    • Team Building (L5)

Want to volunteer?

Contact the Conference Chair:

Dana VanBrimmer | 620-639-4803 | conferencechair@d26leaders.org